Wincanton Young
Farmers Club


Senior Public speaking

Members speak on a subject of their choice for 3 Minutes followed by a question from one of the judges. The Member then selects a mystery object and speaks on it for one minute. This is held at a club meeting in front of fellow Young Farmer Members and a panel of two/three Judges.

Junior Public Speaking (at club level)

As above, but on a subject of your choice spoken for 2 minutes and without having to speak about a mystery object. At County Level the team consists of a Chairperson (2 mins), a Main speaker (6 mins) and a proposer of the vote of thanks (1 min).


A team consists of 4 members, Chairperson and 3 speakers. The Chairperson puts forward three Rural or current affairs questions chosen from a selection given to them 20 minutes before the competition, which the speakers then have to discuss. One would normally support and the other two speakers oppose or vice-versa. Points are awarded for the most stimulating exchange of views.


A team consisting of 5 members, Chairperson (a), Proposer and Seconder for the motion (b) and Opposer and Seconder against the Motion (c). The team is split into 3, (a) (b) & (c). The chairperson is given the question (motiom) to debate 14 days in advance. Points are awarded for the most interesting, factual and articulate debate. The total debate lasts 30 minutes.

After Dinner Speaking

A team consists of 5 members, A Master of ceremonies (chair), Main Speaker and Responder, proposer of the toast to the visitors responder. The team is given an imaginary Dinner at which they have to deliver these speeches, taking into consideration the organisation that have asked you there i.e. the Annual Heavy Metal Society's Dinner or the Wig Makers Institution's Convention!!


This competition rotates every year. This year the club will be putting on an Entertainments production - often written by the producer. A lot of time is needed for rehearsals but well worth it as you often get to perform at the Playhouse Theatre in Weston-Super-Mare.

Rose-Bowl Awards

This is awarded to the member who has contributed most to Young Farmers excluding Stock-Judging and Sport.

Harvest supper

A complimentary Supper hosted by the Young Farmers to thank all the people that have helped them over the past year i.e. Parents of current members, Speakers, Host of Events, Judges, Trainers etc.

Advisory Committee

This is made up of past Young Farmers, Parents of Club Members and anyone willing to help the Young Farmers Club. The Advisory Committee are there to help and advise when they are required.